Alex Jonovski, CEO

Demain to Give Virtual Presentation at COLAB23

Alex Jonovski, PE, CEO of Demain, will virtually present “Demain’s Journey From Strategic Partnership to Commercial Entity” at COLAB23, an offsite construction innovation conference held from June 20-21, 2023, in Auckland, New Zealand.

The pre-recorded presentation will feature a case study of Demain, a consortium that leverages its contractor and design professional members to deliver industrialized construction. Participants will learn about the progress and challenges Demain has encountered with its unique business model and discover new insights that will help inform their own workflows. The session will conclude with thoughts on where the industry may be heading and a live Q&A

Jonovski is a frequent guest speaker on integrated delivery models and leveraging data across the design and construction value stream. His past speaking engagements include Advancing Prefabrication, Advancing Integrated Project Delivery, The Connected Construction Show and Autodesk University, among others. 

For more information on COLAB23, visit the conference website.

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About Demain

Demain is a national consortium of like-minded member firms in the AEC industry providing strategic consulting, design, manufacturing and installation services. United through data, custom software and an inter-company IT infrastructure, Demain and its member firms provide a seamless project delivery experience.


Alex Jonovski, PE
Chief Executive Officer