Construction as a Product™

Save Time. Drive consistency.

Construction as a Product™ (CaaP) is the method of delivering the built environment in a way that mimics the experience of purchasing a configurable product, as opposed to the traditional means of procuring construction.

Productize Your Projects

Much of construction requires standardization from one deployment to the next, or as a particular solution scales to meet new needs. Instead of starting over each time, Demain will work with you to develop the strategy on how to productize these types of projects, along with the design, manufacturing and installation services to bring them to life.

A single design with defined configurations can replace restarting the process for each location. This removes time and increases adherence to standards and cost predictability.

Product Development

A team of fabricators, engineers and installers will provide a design that meets the needs of the product, manufacturable and constructable.

Program Management

Productization goes beyond each individual installation and the success of the product requires oversight of product versioning and continuous improvement.

Site Deployment

Integrated solutions for site adaptation includes design, installation, and commissioning services.

Featured Project: Fork Farms