Your industrialized construction partner.

For manufacturers looking to expand the value of their own products by packaging them with productized MEP infrastructure.

For modular builders and general contractors that need their MEP design and fabrication teams to be coordinated, integrated and operating with a product-first, supply chain mindset.

Industrialized Construction

The industrialization of construction refers to the adoption of lean, digitization, and manufacturing principles. Demain has developed workflows, standards, and technology to deliver projects of this approach, with two main ways to engage:

Integrated MEP Provider

Demain will ensure the HVAC, electrical, plumbing and low voltage trades are coordinated with one another and delivered to support projects that leverage modular or other forms of off-site construction delivery models.

Construction as a Product

Demain will prototype a recurring construction deployment and transform it into a product to ensure consistent quality and predictable costs.

Integrated Design

Engineering is completed in collaboration with field and factory teams, and designs are informed by shop standard assemblies and materials. This creates a unified packaged of design deliverables for engineering, manufacturing and installation.


Demain provides manufactured kits, assemblies and labor through our supply chain.


Assembling the building as a manufactured product reduces time and labor and increases safety on site. Demain’s network offers an array of strategies to either support, manage or self-perform installation.