The Story of Demain

Demain was born of a commitment between the charter member companies to bring joy to construction.

Initially, this showed up by way of partnering on projects to experiment with new workflows. Early goals centered around bridging the design and construction silos by adopting the principles of manufacturing, digitization, and lean. That experience led to the eventual launch of Demain, completing it’s transformation from branded collaboration to an independent entity, continuing to drive the industry forward. 

Today’s Demain is built from the foundation of those early years, and remains as purposeful and mission driven as it has ever been.

What Drives Us

The schedule delays, cost overruns and inefficiency with designing and constructing the built environment have been well documented. As a result, our industry is commonly viewed as, and rightfully so, one of the major obstacles preventing our communities from having the facilities and infrastructure they need to prosper.

Demain’s contribution to society will be realized once the deployment of the built environment is celebrated as the enabler to prosperous communities. Discourse will evolve past figuring out how to capitalize, manage and tolerate construction. Instead, stakeholders will be relieved to have the power of building design and construction as a means to tackle the actual challenges of our communities.


The deployment of the built environment is a celebrated answer to society’s challenges and aspirations.


To reconstruct how the built environment is delivered.

Charter Member Companies

Construction Innovations, LLC

Construction Innovations, LLC was founded in 2011 to improve construction project deliveries through lean manufacturing. The firm’s mission is to create value by challenging industry norms through specialized designs and flexible manufacturing promoting efficient installations and simplifying construction.

DPMG Corp.

DPMG Corp. is a business evolution consulting firm designed to create value for clients in every sector seeking to deliver higher quality goods, services faster and at lower cost, while developing an organization culture of improvement and problem-solving that draws out every employee’s full potential.

KLH Engineers

KLH Engineers is nationally ranked among the top mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology engineering firms. As a leader in the AEC industry, KLH leverages BIM and cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative and value-driven solutions. KLH has experience in all 50 states and serves the civic, education, healthcare, hospitality, lifestyle, industrial, retail and workplace markets.

Rex Moore Group, Inc.

Rex Moore Group, Inc. or “Rex Moore” is a family owned and managed company, performing electrical and integrated systems engineering, construction management, installation and maintenance. Established in 1922 Rex Moore has grown to be one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. 

Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.

As one of Wisconsin’s largest mechanical contractors, Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc. provides innovative and value-added results for your engineering, fabrication, construction, and building and energy services needs. They are purpose-driven—to set the standard for excellence in mechanical construction—and committed to you.

Board of Directors

Alex Jonovski, PE

Chief Executive Officer, Demain

Jason Blum

President, Rex Moore Group, Inc.

Larry DeVore

Larry DeVore, PE

President, Construction Innovations

Christopher Howald

Chief Executive Officer, Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.

Jim Tavernelli, PE, MBA

President & Chief Operations Officer, KLH Engineers

Larry DeVore

Jes Vargas

Principal, DPMG Corp.