We believe in enhancing the lives of others.

We unite thought leaders, contractors, engineers and architects into a seamless project delivery that advances the cradle to grave construction process to unprecedented levels.

With a culture rooted deep in mutual trust and accountability, Demain is focused on  advancing the owner’s experience by leveraging data across the entire building life cycle.

When Demain’s collective success is evident in the world, the consortium will experience the heartfelt satisfaction that it has purposefully led the industry to a better place and has truly made an everlasting difference.

The Story of Demain

As a consortium, Demain provides the structure for member companies to integrate with a system based on data and manufacturing principles. This highlights individual differentiators within a new, unified value proposition impossible to recreate independently. Ultimately, this type of structure is designed to be scalable beyond just the founding equity members.

After starting with an initial commitment in June of 2018, Demain was registered as an LLC in Ohio in 2018. The first four years of Demain saw engagements between the member companies that established trust and mapped the path ahead. Meetings turned into projects, projects into collocated employees, and collocations into an intercompany IT infrastructure. Eventually this built the confidence to establish Demain as an independent, contractable entity.

These initial years served as a proving ground for Demain. The solar work helped define how to extract a BOM from a model. The summit in Denver provided early market feedback and advocacy. The shared-cloud infrastructure has allowed for intercompany workflows to unite typically disparate resources. Together, it helped Demain understand how it can accomplish its mission to bring joy to construction.

June 2018
First meeting
Fall 2018
First project between Demain members
Spring 2019
Begin solar collaboration
March 2019
Summit in Denver
October 2019
First collocated employee
February 2020
Launched share-cloud infrastructure
September 2021
Decision to establish Demain as an independently operating entity
Spring 2022
Formal launch of Demain

The Consortium

Construction Innovations, LLC

Construction Innovations, LLC was founded in 2011 to improve construction project deliveries through lean manufacturing. The firm’s mission is to create value by challenging industry norms through specialized designs and flexible manufacturing promoting efficient installations and simplifying construction.

DPMG Corp.

DPMG Corp. is a business evolution consulting firm designed to create value for clients in every sector seeking to deliver higher quality goods, services faster and at lower cost, while developing an organization culture of improvement and problem-solving that draws out every employee’s full potential.

KLH Engineers

KLH Engineers is nationally ranked among the top mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology engineering firms. As a leader in the AEC industry, KLH leverages BIM and cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative and value-driven solutions. KLH has experience in all 50 states and serves the civic, education, healthcare, hospitality, lifestyle, industrial, retail and workplace markets.

Rex Moore Group, Inc.

Rex Moore Group, Inc. or “Rex Moore” is a family owned and managed company, performing electrical and integrated systems engineering, construction management, installation and maintenance. Established in 1922 Rex Moore has grown to be one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. 

Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.

As one of Wisconsin’s largest mechanical contractors, Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc. provides innovative and value-added results for your engineering, fabrication, construction, and building and energy services needs. They are purpose-driven—to set the standard for excellence in mechanical construction—and committed to you.

Board of Directors

Alex Jonovski, PE

Chief Executive Officer, Demain

Jason Blum

President, Rex Moore Group, Inc.

Larry DeVore

Larry DeVore, PE

President, Construction Innovations

Christopher Howald

Chief Executive Officer, Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.

Jim Tavernelli, PE, MBA

President & Chief Operations Officer, KLH Engineers

Larry DeVore

Jes Vargas

Principal, DPMG Corp.